Customer Reviews

It allows me to hydrate on and off the field, I never feel bloated it’s almost like I’m hydrating with liquid air.
TREVON “SAVAGE” HILL (Miami Hurricanes)
My first time trying it, I was surprised it was almost like a match made in heaven. It took my bloating from 100 to 0 in 1 Liter. It’s so amazing, I didn’t realize I had drunken a liter so fast
A drink for the elites, I have never paid attention to what I’m intaking until I started drinking this water. Im able to jump from set to set and never feeling dehydrated.
I used to be so prone to drinking Red Bull sitting in front of the computer daily. Switching to The Liquids Club, not only hydrated but gave me renown energy.
OMAR DONNELLY (Creative Director)
No more hot coffee and energy shots. This water has made an impact on my health, work performance. Every more importantly, my hydration.
Larry Plaskett (Firefighter)
This is my daily dose. This is how and why I stay fit.
Michelle Coffey (Fitness Ambassador)